We let our customers speak

Every day woodworkers all over the world decide on woodworking machines from Felder and consequently become ambassadors for perfect woodworking. For us, the success stories of our customers represent recognition and motivation as well as the signature of our company. We are proud that with our machines all over the world, countless unique goals are achieved and success stories written every day. Tell us about your projects, we are looking forward to every single one.

Gheorghe Predescu

"My Felder does all my work for me!"

Bernhard & Dirk Moormann

"Before we converted to a Format4, window manufacturing cost us a lot of time and energy. Now we are quicker, cleaner and more efficient, we get a lot more...

Christian Oppel, Fa. Bussmann

"We wanted a machine, that is easy to program and that every employee can work with. This was offered with the FORMAT4 solution, both machine and software from...

Ali Biranis

"Being able to give form and function to wood was what I was after and my Hammer C331 is more than happy to oblige."

Erkan Yavuz Mobilya

"In our hard work concept, our H24L has been a key solution to our production. Almost all special designs, special productions has been planned and...

Erkan Yavuz Mobilya

"The Felder K940 S is the most powerful and reliable machine on the market."