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Disini anda bisa mendaftarkan item yang sudah dibeli dari FELDER secara sederhana dan aman daring untuk pengembalian.

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Garansi dan Jaminan

Berikut adalah panduan garansi Felder Group

At Felder Group individual support begins long before the purchasing decision is made. After a systematic requirement analysis we can carry out an individual tailor made product solution with the support of one of our technology centres and showrooms.

By simulating the customer's production, the customer can test several different machine configurations ensuring that they find the perfect solution for their individual requirement.

Subsequently, specially trained technicians carry out the delivery, installation, commissioning and the initial machine configurations. This ensures that your machine can be used productively from the very first day of use.

If you need immediate assistance, you can call our hotline centre for fast and uncomplicated support. Contact our consultants or report your request conveniently online around the clock.

Numerous Felder service centres ensure that a Felder technician is close at hand and spare parts are also readily available.

Customers with computer controlled machinery also have the possibility of getting their employees professionally trained on a range of software and machinery courses.

Our fixed-price servicing and individual maintenance contracts give you the benefit of a consistently high quality of your end products in the long term. 

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